Key Advantages

BlowDec simplifies the recycling and upgrading process and makes it economical and efficient.

Our Key Advantages

BlowDec® makes processing and recycling complex crude oil waste products and upgrading heavy oils simple, efficient and profitable.

Extremely high energy efficiency

Unparalleled CAPEX due to the simplicity of the machinery

Machinery with repeatable and scalable construction

Universal, cost-effective and highly efficient solution

Continuous operation, no batch system with interruptions

An option to build an easily portable mobile device

One through system without recirculation stream

No catalyst, hydrogens or diluents necessary

Safe working and operating conditions

What makes BlowDec unique

Our technology is unique when compared to all other available solutions for processing hydrocarbon wastes and heavy oils due to how energy necessary for running all physical and chemical processes is supplied into the reactor.

Its simplicity and low procurement costs enable the equipment to be operated even with a small production capacity (from 350 kg/hour). BlowDec® works at favourable temperatures (from 350°C to 420°C) and very low pressure at the level of 10 - 50 kPa.

The technology is also designed to allow it to be mobile for use directly at the source of waste, such as waste dumps or places of ecological accidents, as well as heavy oil fields, and can be moved from one location to another easily.

BlowDec® allows businesses to recycle all their waste materials or to upgrade heavy oil with high efficiency and at scale, with the confidence that they meet business green goals.