Recycling, Regenerating, Upgrading oil products

Solving today’s most pressing challenges in the oil industry

Upgrading Heavy Oils

Revolutionary technology for upgrading heavy oils into light oils directly on the oil field

Transforming Waste

Unmatched technology for recycling end-of-life plastics, tires, waste oil & oil sludges into high value products

What we do

We are an engineering company leveraging our proven technology to lead the transition to a more sustainable future. From waste plastic, heavy oil, bitumen, oil sludge, scrap tires or waste oil, the versatile BlowDec® technology regenerates the input raw material into high-value hydrocarbon products.

  • Extremely high energy efficiency
  • Unparalleled CAPEX due to the simplicity of the machinery
  • Machinery with repeatable and scalable construction

Our Solutions

Roil Trade has developed technological solutions for processing, recycling and upgrading of the waste materials from crude oil based products. Our innovative Blowing Decomposition- BlowDec® method transforms them into high value materials.