Waste Tires

Simplified recycling process, recovering 85 to 90% of the mass of used waste tires

The Challenge

Ever growing demand for vehicles has resulted in the rapid increase in production of new tires. Annually, approximately 1.8 billion new tires are created and 1 billion old ones reach the end of their lifespan each year.

The unique properties that make tires durable are also what makes them difficult to decompose. Worldwide, around two-thirds of the waste tires are thrown at landfills and illegal dumps. 

There are multiple ecological and environmental problems as the tires slowly decompose and events of ignition are not uncommon, releasing toxic fumes that pollute our air and water. 

The Waste Tires Challenge


Tons of tires are produced each year and growing


End-of-life tires end up in landfills

1 billion tires

Accumulate in landfills per year


Is recycled worldwide

Our Solution

Our technology simplifies the recycling process and makes it economical and efficient. 

With BlowDec®, it is possible to recycle 85 to 90% of the mass of used waste tires. 

In addition to hydrocarbons and metals like steel, it is possible to obtain carbon blacks as well.

Because our machinery is simple to build and can be mobile, it is the ideal solution to have it directly on-site where the waste tires accumulate.