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About Us

We develop technological solutions for processing, recycling and upgrading of the low value hydrocarbon materials. 

Our innovative Blowing Decomposition (BlowDec®) technology transforms waste and used products from oil into high value materials as well as upgrades Heavy oil into Light oil. Our customers maximise the hydrocarbon materials value and their life cycle.

BlowDec® is the ideal choice for organisations looking for cost-effective and energy-saving ways to recover valuable resources from used crude oil products and heavy oils. 

BlowDec® allows businesses to economically and efficiently respond to the global waste problem that will only continue to grow as well as high hydrocarbon demands.


Award-winning technology

The treatment of Oil Sludges arising from the extraction, transportation and processing of crude oil, separating them into basic parts of Oil, Water and Solids, was the area for which the BlowDec® process was originally developed.

Since then, additional waste materials were tested and proven to be viable for the use of the technology, making it a completely unique solution that is flexible to the composition of the input waste material. 

BlowDec® successfully recycles the waste materials arising from crude-oil based products such as waste mixed plastics, rubber, lubricants and scrap tires. BlowDec® also processes and upgrades Heavy Oil, Heavy Hydrocarbons and Bitumens with exceptional results.

Our Solutions

Roil Trade has developed technological solutions for processing, recycling and upgrading of the waste materials from crude oil based products. Our innovative Blowing Decomposition- BlowDec® method transforms them into high value materials.

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We’re the leader in Crude Oil Waste Management and Heavy Oil Upgrading. We simplify the recycling and regenerating process and make it economical and efficient.

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