Waste Plastic

Revolutionary technology converting waste plastics into valuable raw materials

The Challenge

Plastics are arguably one of the most innovative man-made materials derived from crude oil. 

The unique properties of plastics makes them incredibly useful in the largest industries and the fact plastics are cheap to produce, means recycling is often not economically beneficial and remains at a relatively low level in EU countries. 

Mass-produced plastics, Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS), represent the main source of waste from petroleum products. Their production continues to grow rapidly, presenting us with a global waste plastic challenge.

The Plastic Waste Challenge


Tons of plastic are produced each year and growing


Plastic waste is generated each year


Globally only is recycled


Accumulates in landfill

Our Solution

There are multiple technologies on the market claiming they are equipped to recycle plastic effectively.  BlowDec® is offering a purposeful and proven solution to this problem, allowing companies and consumers to recycle plastics, using a decomposition technology utilising the synergic effect of mechanochemistry. With our technology, mixed plastic waste and end-of-life plastics are converted into valuable raw materials - sulphur-free heating oil and hydrocarbon gas, which are an alternative fuel.

Our technology makes it possible to liquefy the vast majority of well-known mass-produced plastics, especially polyolefins HDPE, LDPE, PP, as well as other well-known plastics such as polystyrene PS, HIPS, PEPP copolymers and others.

With the efficiency of our solution these end-of-life plastics get a new life as feedstock used to replace crude oil, thereby considerably saving fossil resources to create a more sustainable future.