Waste Oil

Waste oil components are separated into water, solid particles and the original oil

The Challenge

The oil industry is continuing to grow each year as our consumption of oil increases. We use oil in all areas of life - road, air, water transportation, energy production, industries, services and household consumption.

Oil loses its properties as it is being used. It becomes contaminated and at a certain point it ceases to be suitable for its original use. 

Approximately 50% of oil becomes waste oil. This waste product is created from industrial and commercial activities such as engineering, energy production or vehicle maintenance. The other half is consumed during use or leaked into the environment. 

The Global Oil Challenge

95 Million

Barrels of oil per day are consumed globally


Increase of the rate of global oil consumption in the last 20 years

53 years left

Before the oil reserves deplete (with today’s consumption)


Of oil becomes waste oil

Our Solution

BlowDec® is an innovative, suitable alternative to mechanical separation, which is not an appropriate or effective recycling method for Waste Oil.

Using the BlowDec® technology, the waste oil components are separated into water, solid particles like clays, silt, minerals, sand, and finally, the original oil, which can be used again. 

Below is the picture showing the original waste oil and the liquid product after it has been processed using the BlowDec technology.