Heavy Oils

Unmatched viscosity improvement to the Heavy oil while reducing the amount of impurities

The Challenge

The petroleum industry is currently facing a challenge worldwide: the production of heavy oil is far higher, compared to that of light oil. Heavy crude oil is a thick, black, gooey fluid, much harder to handle and more expensive to clean from impurities and refine in order to produce the most valuable petroleum products for consumers and businesses. 

Heavy oil provides tremendous economic potential for petroleum development. The resources of heavy oil in the world are more than twice as big as those of conventional light crude oil. Global estimates of oil reserves range from 9 to 13 trillion barrels. 60% of it is Heavy oil. The natural deposits are extremely high in countries like Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and even the US.

The Heavy Oil Challenge


Of oil global resources are in the form of heavy oil


EROI ratio for processing heavy oil (vs 11:1 for light oil)


More expensive to transport and process heavy oil

400cSt (mm2/s)

Highest limit of viscosity allowing for flowing of oil in pipes

Our Solution

BlowDec® is currently the most economically viable solution on the market. We use an innovative upgrading method performing the carbon rejection technique with synergetic utilisation of mechanochemistry. The process is significantly different from other carbon rejection techniques due to the construction and function of the reactor as well as the operational parameters. Our technology can be efficiently used for both upstream and downstream applications.

Our technology offers unmatched viscosity and density improvement to the Heavy oil while significantly reducing the amount of impurities thereby increasing the value of the oil and allowing pipeline transportation without the need of adding diluents or light oil. Alternatively, this upgraded purified oil can be used as a diluent for Heavy oil.

Moreover, the lowest CAPEX known in the Heavy oil upgrading technologies is achieved when using the BlowDec® technology.

For results and full Report on the Heavy Oil & Bitumen tests results