Three decades of purposeful innovation

Petrochemistry is in our DNA. Pictured above is Ján Madar (far right), the father of Ivan Madar, and his colleagues at the Faculty of Chemical Technology in 1951


  • 1996

    Roil Trade was born. It was founded out of the inspiration to offer a novel solution to a variety of today’s pressing issues arising from the growing use of crude oil based products and the waste that comes with it

  • 1998

    Roil Trade took its first step to become the innovation pioneer in the crude oil industry with the patent for our BlowDec® technology awarded

  • 2000

    First prototype machine for the upgrading and treatment of Oil Sludges arising from the extraction, transportation and processing of crude oil was created. The results showed its ability to separate them into basic parts of Oil, Water and Solids, which can be used again as high value products.

  • 2000 - 2003

    R&D Operation site is established for BlowDec® with a 45 kW reactor unit near Bratislava, Slovakia. Tests were gradually carried out with different types of real and simulated waste materials. At the same time, with the ongoing tests, the technological equipment was further innovated and optimised with modifications applied to correct inefficiencies. Our findings have been published in 2003 in Petroleum & Coal Paper, today available at ResearchGate.

  • 2002

    BlowDec has been recognised for disruption and innovation, winning ‘Most progressive Idea’ for the Environmental protection Award

  • 2005

    BlowDec® was used to test processing of Drill Cuttings from the North Sea oil field successfully for a large US oil company Varco International

  • 2006

    Heavy Hydrocarbons were tested using BlowDec® technology, namely Natural Heavy Oil from Albania, Blown Bitumen and Bottom Heavy Residue Oil, all of which are extremely challenging to upgrade. Our results were exceptional in viscosity and density improvement.

  • 2007

    Tires and Rubber were tested successfully

  • 2009

    Universal BlowDec® device with a 250 kW reactor is built which enables the processing of liquid (oils), slurry (sludges) and solid (plastics, rubber) waste, a breakthrough innovation.

  • 2010 - 2012

    BlowDec® is used for further R&D and tests in Slovnaft, in Bratislava Slovakia

  • 2014 - 2019

    BlowDec® is utilised for Waste Oil processing in Czech Republic

  • 2015

    Black Oil Cocktail, a wide spectrum of different engine waste oils with different properties is tested with the BlowDec technology

  • 2020

    BlowDec® is used for Waste Plastic processing in Norway

  • 2022

    BlowDec® is used for Waste Plastic processing in Germany