Our Technology

BlowDec is the ideal choice for organisations looking to recover valuable resources from used crude oil. 

BlowDec® (Blowing/whirling Decomposition) is based on novel proprietary technology awarded with patents in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Norway, Japan and other countries.

The technology is proven in the recycling of waste substances with a high content of organic fractions, especially in the liquefaction of waste mixed plastics, the upgrading of heavy oils and bitumens, as well as the regeneration of waste petroleum oils. Another proven field of application of the invention is the processing - extraction of oil from hydrocarbon sludge arising during the extraction, transportation and processing of crude oil and the use of products from it.

The basic principle of the process of waste recovery and destruction of hazardous substances is their processing in a hot swirling bed made of solid particles in the BlowDec reactor. While processing of wastes containing liquid and solid hydrocarbons, the liquid fractions are separated and simultaneously the hydrocarbons are cracked into economically interesting products.

The chemical reactor according to the invention represents a fundamental innovation in the technical field of chemical reactors for cracking and separation processes.